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SPOTLIGHT: 4 Archive-Driven Documentaries @ HotDocs2018

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We have prepared for you a short selection of films from this year’s edition of HotDocs that we expect to showcase some of the best work in the field of archive research in 2018. With the full line-up published, it was easy to spot the productions that rely on the meticulous research of both personal and external archive sources. Some of the productions will have their World/North American premieres making the festival a truly special moment for the filmmakers and researchers behind them. The selected films come from very different places, periods, each with a unique personal narrative making a great complete watching experience if you want to see all of them (something that we definitely will).



Directed by Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan

The Oslo Accords peace process was a series of peace talks between Israel and Palestine held in the period between 1993-1995. The film uses personal accounts and never-before-seen archival footage telling the story of one of the most important and covert affairs in the history of the Palestinian-Israeli relations.



Directed by Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar

During its transition to democracy in the 70s, Spain passed a controversial amnesty law pardoning the crimes of the people, once part of the Franco regime. The creators of the film reveal the deep scars the 40-year dictatorship left on the Spanish society and follow the survivors of Franco’s atrocities in their fight for justice. Pedro Almodovar and Agustín Almodovar are among the executive producers who backed up the project, along with the ITVS fund.  


Directed by Jack Bryan

The movie makes some explosive revelations about the alleged Trump-Putin ties spanning from the ’70s until now and how the American Elections in 2016 was influenced by the so-called “active measures” by Russia – a political warfare tactic created by the Soviet Secret Services using disinformation, propaganda, and counterfeiting as a tool for inflicting international destabilization.


D: Christina D. King, Elizabeth A. Castle | USA | 67 min

With the help of some rare archive footage, the film follows the prominent female activists and their role in the inception of the Red Power and the American Indian Movement in the 70s. The story is built around a vocal Lacota leader, Madonna Thunder Hawk and her lifelong dedication to the cause. Warrior women is another project that was co-produced by ITVS.

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