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Featuring: Shimaa Elsawaby, Cairo

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You are the only ‘Archival Producer’ in Egypt. How did you come to work in that role?

When I was studying in the field of Communications, I looked for training in Non-governmental Media. A company called, “Video Cairo sat,” accepted me. It is the best and oldest private media in Egypt. VCS has a big archive library, and the owner of it, Mr. Mohamed Gohar knows the value of archives and taught me that very well. I was the Archive Librarian there. In 2005, I started a new job with the first private Arab news agency, “ANA” in Egypt. I setup the ANA archive library. Then in 2007, I began work as an archive researcher and set up many archive libraries for companies. I worked for the Al Jazeera offices in Egypt to establish their archive library from 2008 until 2013.  (more…)