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‘footage berlin’: Bridging East and West, Past and Present through Archives

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Can you share a little bit of history about rbb and the ‘footage berlin‘ collection? How does its history set it apart from some of the other major collections in Germany?

rbb media is the commercial side of Berlin-Brandenburg’s broadcasting arm, and we feature collections of tv programs from three archives:

The first is the rbb television archive with material from the city of Berlin and the region of Brandenburg, including TV programs from the former SFB (Radio Free Berlin) in (West) Berlin from 1955 to 2003, and from ORB, the East German broadcaster in Brandenburg after reunification from 1991 – 2003. rbb emerged from the merger of these two broadcasters in 2003 – a bridge between East and West.  (more…)

Archive Researchers

Featuring: Melody Howse, Berlin

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You have a background in art and design, how did you become an archival researcher?

I started working in archive during my first job in TV in around the year 2000. It was for a court room drama reconstruction series with a limited budget. We were looking for ways to tell the story about some of the worlds most ingenious criminal minds, I was finding archive as part of the research process and after that most jobs I got in TV included some kind of archive research either through request or through me bringing it to the production. I became an archive researcher kind of by accident but it was a natural marriage of interest and skill which culminated in my work on Exit through the Gift Shop. Most of my work is still with UK companies even though I’m based in Berlin.  (more…)