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Archives and the Future of Documentary: Industry Insight from DocNYC

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From November 9th to 16th this year, the documentary industry converged on New York City for DocNYC, a festival dedicated to the documentary craft that the Wall Street Journal has recently called “an essential summit for all kinds of documentary filmmaking.” The Archive Valley team went to New York to meet with filmmakers – from documentary veterans to up-and-coming talent – and to take the pulse of the industry. This year’s edition and industry program was a great opportunity for discussion around archive-driven films, which featured prominently in the the past few editions.  (more…)

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Tribeca Film Festival Announces 2017 Documentary Lineup

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Tribeca debuts unseen footage of the 1992 L.A. riots

Twenty-five years after the Rodney King verdict, Tribeca 2017 kicks off this weekend with searing archival news images and unseen footage of the 1992 LA riots with the world premiere of LA 92.  Academy Award co-directors and co-cinematographers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin of Undefeated are back again to narrate the unforgettable beating of Rodney King and the riots that ensued costing more than $1 billion dollars in damage and fifty lives.  Opting against voiceovers, the film seamlessly strings together archive footage, sound bites from politicians, and unseen on-the-ground videos from 1992 that make for a staggering account of the riots.  As a National Geographic world release, LA 92 is just one of the big name films that Tribeca enthusiasts have been anticipating.  (more…)