Licensing Archive Footage 101: 5 terms you need to know

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At first glance, the process of licensing copyright-protected footage from archive sources is not very different from reaching any other legally-binding arrangement. However, negotiating and setting the terms of a licensing deal always requires a full understanding of all the rights, obligations, and details concerning the use of the archive footage on both sides of the agreement. The following examples of licensing terminology can be found in almost every license negotiation between an archive footage provider and a content creator.


The Right Footage

70th Anniversary: The Cannes Film Festival Celebrates its History

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Restored Masterworks at Cannes Classics 2017

For its 70th anniversary, the Cannes Film Festival takes a look back at its history with a series of screenings of classic films and documentaries. The Cannes Classics selection aims to highlight the work of production companies, right-holders, cinematheques, and national archives around the world by projecting restored versions of sixteen films that both marked the history of cinema and of the festival. In total, twenty-four sessions will be scheduled, each featuring one short film and five documentaries from countries related to the festival’s history. Among those films, the iconic 1953 drama film The Earrings of Madame de … by Max Ophüls will be in the limelight. The chef d’oeuvre is highly anticipated as one of its lead figures, singer and actress Danielle Darrieux, turned one-hundred years-old on May 1st this year. The film’s restoration was ordered by the film studio Gaumont Pathé as a tribute to the eternal Danielle Darrieux. Its remastered version will be introduced by Dominique Besnehard, Pierre Murat, and Henri-Jean Servat. In addition, Servat will offer commentary on the latest filmed interview of the now one century-old French actress.  (more…)