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The Right Footage

Stock and Archive Footage: What’s the Difference?

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We’ve all encountered stock footage whether in advertisements, or even in documentary films: ready-made footage that is used by a creator to illustrate part of a narrative or to create a certain aesthetic. However, though archive footage technically serves the same role, there are some fundamental differences between stock and archive footage that are important when trying to understand pricing, and the rights required to use the footage.

In other words, when producing a program for film or television, when am I searching for “stock,” and when is it seeking out “archive footage?”  (more…)

Archive Valley

Bridging Past and Future: An Interview with Archive Valley CEO Melanie Rozencwajg

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What inspired you to create Archive Valley?

We initially created a tech and design studio in 2010 called ARTCHIVIUMlab whose focus was archives and innovation. It was a very new field back at the time!

Over seven years, we had the privilege to collaborate with many renowned museums and heritage brands, helping them to harness the power of their archival collections. While the core of our practice was to create innovative displays aimed at allowing the contemporary public to interact with archival documents, in one project we found ourselves searching for treasure troves of archive material in Russia, China, Argentina, Canada, Israel and more. You can imagine the hours of research such a process required!  (more…)