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Connect with archive footage sources around the world from historical archives to news footage libraries with one simple footage request. Save valuable research time by working directly with experts who know their collections best.

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Trusted International Archive Researchers

Need an archive researcher on the ground to access hard to reach footage or work with a particular source? Archive Valley gives you access to a community of over 500 vetted archive researchers with a record of working with major productions.

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  • Richard Wiseman, Archival Producer

    Archive Valley was enormously helpful in terms of being able to open up various sources for me in territories where I had no prior personal connection, and also couldn’t speak the language favoured by the library involved. From Portugal to Morocco, Archive Valley’s kind help was invaluable, and helped me to uncover footage that I never previously knew existed.

    Richard Wiseman, Archival Producer
  • François Le Gall, Producer, a_BAHN

    “In a world where content production is booming and where digitization allows us to update forgotten wonders – but also where sources are more and more fragmented – accessing archives has become a challenge for professional content producers. Archive Valley revolutionizes this process by offering us a unique point of entry and bringing us archives from all over the world. Fantastic!”

    François Le Gall, Producer, a_BAHN
  • Judy Aley, Archive Producer

    “I’m definitely making your site one of my first stops in my footage searches going forward and so appreciate how hard you are working to build a tool that connects researchers and collections from across the globe.”

    Judy Aley, Archive Producer
  • Tom Jennings, Producer/Director, 1895 Films

    “As you know, archival materials are the life blood of our programs and we are constantly searching for new sources. With your help we’ve been able to unearth “buried treasure” from new international sources that we never even knew existed. Thanks so much for you help on all aspects of researching and licensing great footage.”

    Tom Jennings, Producer/Director, 1895 Films
  • Lewanne Jones, Archive Producer

    “Archive Valley has put me in touch with archive providers I never would have thought to ask for the footage I was looking for.”

    Lewanne Jones, Archive Producer